Want To Become a Certified Ethical Hacker? Think Like one

How to become an ethical hacker

The more the vulnerabilities faced by the online security networks, the more the demand for security professionals raises. This is true to the fact that as security breaches continued to grow in frequency, so as the penetration testing experts are required to put a bar on the damage caused.

With the rise in online security vulnerabilities and breaches caused by those bad hackers, white hat hacking had become increasingly important these days. For IT professionals, who are about to work as a ‘White Hat hacker’, must undergo a phase wherein they can expand their knowledge and applaud their career with a big boost.

To beat those malicious minded hackers, you have to think like one. You have to take the certified training program which will certify you with the tactics followed by hackers, but on a legal note. It implies that you are allowed to peep into the network security system, against those malicious hacker attacks, with a legal permission to do so.

What is CEH?

Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) certification is designed for those information technology workers who wish to stop the malicious hackers, causing distress in the company’s network security systems. The certification provides the applicants with the same knowledge and tools, which are utilized by those ‘bad hackers’ to cause disturbance in smooth functioning of enterprises.

Ethical hacking course lets the individuals learn the basic code of conduct followed by the honorable code of ethics, to legally stop the suspected activities in the organization’s network security system.

What a Certified Ethical Hacker does?

A certified ethical hacker comprehends and looks out for the prospective issues faced by the targeted system. His job is confined to search for the vulnerabilities faced by the security system of an organization. His role is limited to apply the similar tools and techniques, similar to bad minded hacker, but in a lawful manner.

A Certified hacker is abides by the rules of legal hacking and follow the written agreement wherein he is abiding by the law and code of ethics, which can be used only for legal hacking.

How to become an ethical hacker?

To become a certified ethical hacker, the applicant needs to undergo the accredited course. The ethical hacking course training will provide the legalized door to the applicants through which they can become one, the ethical one.

The course provides the advanced tools and techniques through which hackers and IT professionals break into an organization’s network security system. With the training, the applicant receives the mindset of the malicious hacker and follows the preventive measures to keep away the vulnerabilities, from the system.

Being one of the rigorous training, the certified ethical hacking training puts the applicants under various tests, before befitting them for the particular job profiles. Of course, if the pay is worthy, so as the tests will be tougher.

On an average, certified ethical hacker earns approximate 10% more than those who are non-certified. Thus, seeking a certification from hacking course will give you access to great career opportunities and job promotions too.

What Are The Benefits of Taking up The Citrix XenServer Training?

Citrix XenServer Training

In the growing IT industry, you can’t manage to miss out the new capabilities that own the power to simplify the administration and improves the end-user experience. For this, it becomes imperative to keep an eye on the latest enhancements done on the technological front. One such enhancement is Citrix Solutions.

Citrix Systems or solutions help in optimizing and reinforcing the understanding of the new virtualization and networking technologies. Citrix software solutions are labeled as the strongest and fastest platform to offer affordable business continuity solutions. Among its varied solutions, Citrix XenServer is gaining popularity these days.

So, what Citrix Xenserver actually is?

Citrix XenServer is defined as the open source virtualization platform that helps in managing the cloud, desktop and server virtual infrastructure. It is a completely managed virtualization platform available for the businesses to manage their workloads and automated processes.

Based on Xen Project Hypervisor, this highly capable and automated Citrix XenServer is known for offering flexibility, agility and economy to the enterprises.

XenServer supports different server operating systems right from Linux to Windows. It owns the power of combining the computing value of physical servers into different virtual machines.

Here are a few benefits of Citrix XenServer.

  • It is the fastest and robust virtualization software available in today’s market.

  • It is the exhaustive and manageable server virtualization platform which has ruled the industry for nearly a decade.

  • It is the most powerful platform that helps in running millions of virtual machines. By now, about 50,000 users are making through it and the counting is still on.

  • It provides the affordable business continuity solutions.

Countering the benefits offered by Citrix system solutions, taking up the Citrix XenServer Training course will also benefit in several ways.

What all you will learn throughout the training course?

The Citrix training course will provide the applicant with the fresh skill set that focuses on Long Term Service Release (LTSR) whose work profile is associated with delivering optimized server virtualization to all the data centers workloads.

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Throughout the course, the applicants are provided with the knowledge on how to setup, manage, secure and troubleshoot the enterprise XenServer implementation. Once you get into the Citrix training Delhi, you will get to see the improvements in your skills. After the course, you will able to configure the architecture, virtual machines, storage, resource pools and network of the business environment. During the course, you will be guided on accessing the problems associated with administration of the enterprise along with the solutions for the same.

Benefits of taking up the training

Citrix XenServer is a very popular and most powerful open source virtualization platform which is widely used among the enterprises. Its highly productive and efficient nature makes it popular in the market. Taking up the Citrix XenServer training course will guarantee you great career opportunities along with a handsome pay. You can find heaps of career opportunities in the MNCs.

Get trained by industry experts at SSDN Technologies and give an edge to your career by taking up the Citrix training courses.

What Are The Reasons Behind The Popularity of MCSA Certification?

MCSA Certification

It’s a deniable fact that Microsoft Certification can take you towards those six-figure salaries.  Even the career experts believe that you can reach to the highest level of your career and go for a pay hike when you prove your skills. And with Microsoft Certifications, this can really be effective.

Microsoft Certifications provides the imperative training to the individuals through which they can compute the systems, networks associated with the Microsoft programs. A certification add-on the skills to an individual’s profile and makes him competent enough of handling growing requirements of the IT industry.

Since Microsoft computers and products are gaining demand all around the globe, so as the demand for the IT professionals are rising. These days, companies are looking forward for the certified professionals who can look-after their computers, networks and systems.

So, from where to begin with….

To begin with, you have to earn the certification from Microsoft. If you search around, you will find heaps of Microsoft disciplines, which let you acquires the desired qualification. Among many, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) is gaining enormous popularity these days.

The MCSA is a career oriented program offered by Microsoft. In other terms, it is known as an IT professional certification that is used to perform the security and networking functions.

Under the MCSA certification program, professionals are allowed to choose their core area such as Windows Server 2012, Windows 8 and SQL Server 2012 and many others. Once they have chosen the core area, they will be guided throughout the certification program on how to perform configuration, installations of popular windows and server related products.

Is it better than other security certifications? How?

Well, MCSA opens up the door to an upgraded certification program, i.e. MCSE. It means if anyone is interested in continuing up the certification for better projected employment growth, MCSA opens up the doors for them.

In addition to this, hiring managers across several big organizations prefer the professionals possessing MCSA 2016 training, accolades for the job positions of network administrators and security consultants. They believe that an MCSA certified personnel owns the right set of skills and knowledge required for the particular job profile.

MCSA training

Is taking the MCSA certification worthy?

Of course, it is. This time, the MCSA training is the most sought after certification training program which opens the doors for the professionals to numerous job opportunities in the field of IT. As the name suggests, this certification is associated with Microsoft and thus it verifies your expertise of work on a large number of Microsoft technologies and related products.

By taking the MCSA training, you will become a technically trained professional who own the expertise in employing a wide range of Microsoft business solutions for the betterment of the organizations.

You can’t miss the lucrative salary.

That’s the ultimate thing about the MCSA certification. After being certified, you will become qualified for a handsome salary, the six-figure one, which makes you feel really contented. (Don’t forget that the salary depends upon the role and experience, you possess). But, do give a try for a certification, if you are serious about a worthy career opportunity.

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A Single Character Bug Crashed The Secure Walls of iPhone, iPads And Even Watches OS Devices

Iphone Crashed

If you own an iPhone or iPad, you must beware of the recent ‘text bomb’ bug that had created terror in the market.

Recently discovered, this bug is so severe that it can damage or disable the third party apps such as Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook, iMessage, Slack along with Safari of mac OS versions. This single character bug is so powerful that it can initiate crashes on iPhones, iPads, and even watches working on iOS platforms.

Though, companies facing this ‘text bomb’ threat are continually working on to remove it from their operating software, but such instances raise the common issue of security breaches which are rising with a high speed these days.

Such service attacks call for immediate actions which are must take against those bad guys who own a destructive nature and wants to hamper the smooth functioning of a company’s processes.

There are professionals who are responsible to take those remedial actions against such vulnerabilities. These are ethical hackers whose role is defined by the smartest picks which they take to protect company’s important information and data from the online vulnerabilities and breaches.

What ethical hackers actually do?

Ethical hackers perform the hacking function in a lawful manner for the companies in which they are appointed. Their role lies within preventing the security breaches which are created by those bad guys. They find the vulnerabilities in the company’s system and fix them with the proper techniques.

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How one can be an ethical hacker?

To be a certified ethical hacker, one need to undergo certified ethical hacking training course which lets the individual pursue a career in penetration testing. The IT professionals, whose role lies with keeping and maintaining the company’s security system, find the course beneficial for them.

CEH (Certified ethical hacking) course gives the IT professionals, tag of ‘White Hat’ hackers who is allowed to peep into the company’s security system on a legal note. Though, the IT professionals are provided with the duties to look after the security system. With the help of ethical hacking course training, they are allotted with the supervision to take proactive measures to prevent those security breaches.

Throughout the course, the professionals are guided with the tools and policies through which they become aware of the tricks through which attackers make access to the company’s network system.

A career in ethical hacking is worthy

A career in ethical hacking not only pay you lavishly but also gives you a profile full of pride having a ‘white hat’ tag associated with it. A certification in ethical hacking will provide you a licensed gun and makes you feel like a cop whose eyes are always on web criminals.

Taking the certification from ethical hacking institute Delhi will let you gain a skill set which is asked by the companies, looking to prevent the so-called cyber attacks or security risks.

With the ethical hacking course training, you will be able to find out the risks associated with the leakages in the software or company’s network systems.

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What Are The Top Reasons You Should Go For ITIL Certification?

ITIL Certification

Have you ever given a thought to the uninterrupted work performance delivered by the global companies? Do you know how the companies like Microsoft and IBM perform so consistently despite of the uncertain business challenges? It’s nothing but the exceptional use of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Framework that makes such companies, what they are today.

ITIL is a part of the IT service management system whose main role is to maintain a balance between IT and business goals. In general terms, you can take ITIL as a set of tools which are used to drive IT in order to accomplish business goals.

Since the work process involved with ITIL sounds critical, so as the need of ITIL professionals become imperative. Most companies look for certified ITIL professionals who can drive off the IT functions successfully to achieve the targeted business goals.

What is an ITIL Certification?

ITIL Certification lets you acquire complete information and knowledge about the Information Technology Infrastructure i.e., ITIL Framework. This framework is used to benefit the business processes with the help of latest IT technological advances.

A certificate in ITIL lets the individual go through the latest IT practices which are used to improve business processes within an organization. Once an individual clears the certification, he/she becomes capable in aligning IT with the business goals.

Once you have acquired the certification, you will become adapted to the IT practices and use them to achieve the targeted business goals.

Top reasons why you should take up the ITIL Certification?

Taking up an IT certification always reap great results. But, there are some who found it doubted to stay connected with the ITIL Certification India. For such aspirants, here are a few reasons which are enough to clear all the doubted clouds.

Here are the top reasons as to why you should go for ITIL Certification.

It helps in improving your skills. Just like other sorts of certifications, ITIL training helps in improving the skills of the candidate. As you are aware that the IT world is something which experience the biggest change on a faster note. For such a changing environment, a certification will likewise prepare you with the latest IT tools which help in handling the changing shifts efficiently.

It lets you acquire better pay. Of course, with the growing expansion faced by the IT world, an ITIL certified professional is ranked among the top earners. A better pay is something that attracts most of the aspirants by playing a motivating factor behind the scene.

It lets you communicate with overseas customers too. Just because ITIL and ITSM are common in their native languages, you are free with the communication power that lets you get in touch with different realm of customers at one time. The terminology used in both the services is quite common which puts no bar on dealing with a variety of customers.

For IT professionals, taking up an ITIL certification will always bring recognition to their work and thejob profile.

With the help of ITIL Training Company India, you can easily peer up your qualification and seek career development.

What Are The Advantages of Taking Up The MCSA Certification?

What are the advantages of taking up the MCSA Certification_

Want to build up your professional career in IT Company? If yes, then MCSA Certification can qualify you for varied intuitive job profiles in the network administrative system.

Windows Server Certifications are quite important for the growth of IT companies. Once you have achieved the certification, the doors to numerous job profiles such as computer systems administrator or a computer network specialist will be open for you. The role of all such profiles is confined to reducing the IT costs and delivering more business value.

If you are on the verge to become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), then MCSA Certification is just your entry card.

What is MCSA Certification?

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Certification is the foremost step that is followed by IT professionals who want to become an MCSE expert. This certification is offered by Microsoft and is designed for the IT professionals and developers who want to enhance their core skills.

This certification is meant to power up your Windows Server 2016 key skills which are used to cut down the IT costs and deliver increased business value to the organization. Those who are new to technical certification or want to update their skills in core technology can take up the MCSA Certification.

What are the advantages of taking up the MCSA Certification?

When it comes to incentives and appraisals on the work front, certification and training provides the real-time support. With the training, certification and work experience, you can receive the ever-need recognition on your work profile.

When you complete the MCSA training, you will receive the tag of being an expert in your related subject matter. The training will let you gain more exposure to networking opportunities.

Microsoft Certification in itself is a subject of honor. Such certification will add to your value among your peers and colleagues and lets you acquire a differential stand for them.

The MCSA certification holds industrial recognition and is used by the professionals to apply for jobs worldwide.

How to go for MCSA training and certification?

If you want to go for MCSA 2016 training, you have to enroll yourself with some training and certification programs offered by training providers. Such programs are meant to make you acknowledge about every aspect of the certification.

The training programs will provide you an authentic source of preparing for the MCSA Certification. Once you are qualified, you can lead to a great and rewarding career path.

What is the career scope for MCSA certifies professionals?

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft certification adds-on your value and so as your chances of getting hired increases by many times compared to those who haven’t taken the certification as yet.

Also, around 90% of hiring managers prefer the candidates possessing some or the other certification in addition to basic educational requirements.

Additionally, a good pay scale waits for the certified professionals.

Those who are looking forward to rise up their pay bar must go ahead for the MCSA 2016 training.

Tinder App Security Breach Granted Access To User’s Account via Phone Number

Tinder security vulnerability allowed hackers to access accounts

Did you hear that? A newly published attack had shattered all the security guarantees; Tinder uses to offer to its users. Yes, a computer programmer recently updated that the Tinder App carries a vulnerability that allows the unwanted access into the Tinder account using the user’s phone number. Isn’t it something unacceptable?

How come we allow someone to peep in our privacy? In such an instance, our private chats and private information become susceptible. For such and related security breaches, original or say ethical hackers appears as the savior.

The organization where IT security is quite critical, ethical hacking plays an important role in powering up the exact protection and security against the potential hazards and thefts.

Modern day hacking is much advanced

Contrary to the early days hacking, wherein security breaches are limited to hack telephone calls or using simple commands to enter into any operating system; the modern day hackers are quite advanced.

Following the change in technology, hackers of today use their skill set to become rich within no time. They apply the tricks to hack any system just to empower their criminal acts which create buzz in the market and get them a bad name either.

After so many vulnerabilities associated with IT security system got revealed, ethical hackers acts as a savior from that big loss. These days, though hackers are claiming much part of the news for their wrong deeds, ethical hackers are making up their way through the advantages, they offer.

Ethical Hacking Training and Certification

These days, a large number of ethical hackers are making up good with the help of ethical hacking course. The course study will provide the learners with the sound information about the operating systems and networks.

During the training course, learners are provided with the knowledge over the mediums through which, they could be able to check out the flaws in the system and apply preventive measures. Those who follow the rules of hacking for good are termed as ethical or legal hackers; while the others are just apposite and proudly termed as ‘Black Hat hackers’.

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Does ethical hacking training really work?

Of course, it does. The Certified ethical hacking training puts in a practical approach for the learners to make them well-accustomed into the penetration information system.

During the session, the learners are taught up with the use of the tools to protect the network system. Also, the professionals are guided with the ways through which they can take preventive actions to put a bar on the unauthorized access.

What does CEH training do?

A certification in ethical hacking will makes you capable for the post of ethical hackers, whose duty is to protect the organization network system from the illegal or malicious acts.

By taking a certification cum training program from ethical hacking institute Delhi, one can easily join the team of those decent and hard working people, who are working hard to make the IT world safe and free from vulnerabilities.

What Are The Benefits of Dot Net Training And Certification?

Dot net Training benefits

You must be aware of the highly promising IT industry that tends to create heaps of employment opportunities. It is the industry that offers multiple job opportunities for the aspirants. It’s inseparable with several programming languages which are known to drive its global growth.

Among several languages, Dot Net is the versatile programming language which is used to develop software tools and related products compatible to various system environments.  In the IT world, the Dot Net programming holds a special place in creating and deploying software tools for web and server applications.

What is the role played by the Dot Net programmer?

The main role played by the Dot Net programmer is to create and develop system applications which can smoothly run on various platforms. An applicant who owns a good hold over the Dot Net programming language can easily develop applications in native platform and move towards a lucrative career profile.

As you know, the existing market is experiencing an intense competition, which recalls for proficiency in handling the core duties of a programmer. For this, it is always advised to go for Dot Net training. The training program in the Dot Net framework makes the applicant aware of the fundamentals of programming such as Object Oriented Programming (OOPs) and SQL querying along with advanced programming features such as handling controls, exception handling, and page navigation methods and so on.

In short, A Dot Net training program allows the programmer to create dynamic websites and applications that can preferable run on various platforms.

What are the benefits of taking up the Dot Net training?

On the professional front, every engineer or would-be programmer wants to know as to what are the Dot Net training advantages, one can gain.

It is a powerful language to learn. Learners can find the Dot Net programming language carrying a different strength. It is the language that boasts of reliable architecture that can deliver great exposure to varied software tools and programs.

It offers great career hike.  As per the reports, a professional owing experience or expertise of handling .Net programming language has never seen deterioration in terms of employment opportunities available for them. Instead, its demand had always seen a hike and today also, it’s increasing day by day.

It offers a great salary. On an average, a Dot Net programmer earns a salary of 4-6 lakhs. You can easily expect more by improvising your skill set. All you have to do is to sharpen your knowledge, timely and you can easily move towards a lucrative career stream.

Be a Dot Net Programmer and hike up your career

Join the Dot Net training institute in Delhi and upscale your career in the IT world. You can choose the Dot Net certification program from the wide range of courses available. Either you are a fresher or a working professional, you both can take up the certification course.

The Dot Net training program will certainly make your future bright and offer you heaps of career opportunities.

Top Reasons Why You Should Go For Android Development Training


Individuals who are a part of the computing world must be aware of the most fundamental stage in this modern age is an Android. Not less than a million of mobiles are powered by Android. With the power of Android, several digital contents such as games, apps, movies, etc. are pleasing the people using it.

With the growing obsession of Android, people are taking keen interest in making a career with such a growing industry.  But, is there any development stage for the aspirants who are moving forward to make a career in Android Development?

Seeing the growing demand of mobile phones, one can expect a tremendous growth in Android Development too. According to some stats, it had been proven that the coming years will bring about a 20% rise in the Android market. Also, Android Developers can expect more than 1, 00,000 new jobs by the year 2024.

Thus, one can easily take the advantages of the Android training available for the learners. Through the training, developers learn to create Android solutions which are highly in demand these days.

If you are still confused about the reasons why you should go to Android Development training, and then sort out your doubts by reading further.

Here are a few reasons why you should take up Android training


It will expand your skills. One may have exceptional normal programming skills. But, the android training course will take you to the next level. As you know, Android is constantly developing and so as your skill set will achieve growth by the passing time.

Explore new opportunities under experts. The Android training course makes the students to learn and work with experts on the said field. The experts own years of experience in developing games and apps which serve as a real-time example to the learners.

It’s time to explore creativity within you. Android courses empower people to mix their creativity with specialized and logical skills. Such a mixing is important for making games and apps. With a touch of training and direction the imagination is dragged out of a student’s brain.

It brings good career prospects. Another basic advantage of taking mobile app training is that getting a good financial uplift. In the wake of taking in the fundamental skills and techniques of Android course, one may start to apply those skills which he has learnt. In addition, it likewise causes people to get a job in a well-paid IT company.

Do you know that Android developers earn $8,900 per year salary on an average? When such a lucrative career choice is readily available for the applicants, then why to think further?

If one wishes to work alone and does not have any desire to work under any organization, then soon after finishing the course he may make and create apps, games and after that offer them to open market.

A creative career choice that will make you independent is waiting for you. With Android developer training, you can translate your living, you can proud of.

Top Reasons Why You Should Learn Ethical Hacking Course

Ethical Hacking Training

In IT world, security always leads as the hot topic. Almost every big company, big banks feel threatened on the cyber attacks. What to say, Cyber attacks propounded by illegal ‘black hat’ hackers are creating the vulnerabilities, which are making the company’s growth sick.

It isn’t there any remedial action available against such vulnerabilities? Of course, there is a way out to prevent the security breaches or threats. It is nothing but to think like hackers.

Yup, that’s the only way to prevent illegal entry into our online processes. With the Ethical Hacking approach, it’s easy to tighten up the organization’s security and prevent the same from the reach of black hat hackers.

Does ethical hacking work?

Of course, it works. To stop a bad hacker, it’s imperative to think like him. That’s where, ethical hacking comes into processing. Ethical hackers perform the security tasks and perform the functions of protecting the computer and networks of an organization. Ethical hackers are the professional hackers who are permitted to access the organization’s network system and apply necessary measures to prevent it from those so-called ‘bad guys’.

With the help of ethical hacking, it’s easy to improvise the security system of an organization.

You’re saved till you are not hacked

Yes, that’s true. Until and unless you are far from the reach of hackers, you are safe. Till when? In today’s world full of complexities and vulnerabilities, you always find yourself in the midst of security breaches. Some or the other day, you might get caught by those hackers and so as your security system. As a preventive method, you need to reconsider your own security postures. For that, you must go with ethical hacking course

CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking) training will allow you to put a hold on security breaches. With the help of training, you can learn the tactics to save your networking system free from any malware or risks.

It’s completely ethical. Yes, performing ethical hacking on the system is ethical or say legal, once you have the contractual permission to do so. After the ethical hacking course training, you can get the know-how and experience and try the same to prevent organization’s networking system from unethical attacks.

It’s fun actually. Don’t you think, its fun thinking the way, the hackers do. It is! Throughout the CEH training, the trainers will go along the tactics which hackers apply to enter any system. Once the system is theirs, they can try out the measures through which they can put a bar on the black hat hackers’ activities. Once the complete system of compromised, it actually gives a sense of satisfaction.

The CEH training course offers great scope of career as well.

Seeing the graph of crimes, one thing is clear. With every passing day, the demand for ethical hackers is continually rising. It is a good sign for those who are looking forward to trying out their career in the field.

After taking the ethical hacking course in Delhi, one can attain professional growth being an Ethical Hacker.